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by Floyd Maxwell, BASc


With this series of talks, Spring-And-Loop Theory takes a new tack...


At this point -- 2018 -- Spring-And-Loop Theory is quite comfortable with itself. Happy to have come up with a better model, and with having shared it with the world, Spring-And-Loop Theory is at peace.

But the world -- of physics and otherwise -- is at war.

What to do?


A fundamental premise behind is that this world could be completely different -- if we changed our thinking.

But people don't want to do this.

And other people -- greedy and addicted to control -- take advantage of this.

So how does one convince people to change, despite the raging torrent of encouragement to not change?


Let's face it.

You reacted...up there...when I said "convince".

We don't want to be convinced. We react, strongely, against anything that tries to convince us.

Yet we love pretzels.

I mean, they are just so...bite-sized.

So we pretzel our way through life.



Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course.

Assuming we are 100% healthy.

And assuming every person we know is 100% healthy.

And assuming we have all the money we could ever want.

And assuming every person we know is loaded as well.

And assuming we know everything.

And...I think you get the idea.



Should we be not quite as wealthy as we would like to be, we need to change something or we will continue in an unhealthy direction.

If we are ignorant, only learning something will change that in us.

I believe I have convinced you that you need to be convinced.

At least once in a while, and usually about something that doesn't matter. Er, sorry about that, my skepticism got the better of me.


An early summing up

I got confused even in the writing of the above, so let's summarize.

You can either have someone convince you of something -- at least once in a while -- or you can be ignorant.

Which sucks, but has the advantage that we usually don't know that it -- i.e. we -- suck(s).


Ok, I'm convinced

So, now you are open.

Guarded, no doubt, but open.

Perfect. My plan is working.


Then this happens...

The problem is that those who control us are masters of it.

While we are amateurs at avoiding it.

Precisely because we are told that we are good at it.

By the same people (same group, anyway) doing it. Flattery will get you killed quicker than anything - Spring-And-Loop Theory


Which brings us to Floydium

That's what I'd like my element to be called.

I'm not too picky about which one gets renamed, although I'd suggest it be aluminum, so that the Brits have one less obsolete word to stand on.

You see, you're going to give me my own element because I'm going to convince you. Of something.

Coo, coo. Coo, coo.

I could try to convince you that I'm a peaceful dude.

Like Barry, or at least his handlers, did.

Or I might trumpet my new cure for baldness or liver spots.

Tell you what, I'll let you decide.

Just be sure I get one million dollars* along with it.

Otherwise no one will be convinced.


Bullion backs [baloney]

In a world controlled by the almighty fiat currency, only those with a lot of yellow metal bars are listened to.

But only if they speak indirectly.

We all want to be as rich as Rockenfelder (a much more financially lucrative spelling than the one we little people are used to seeing).

But we don't want to be like that "capitalist swine"
[Ouch, somewhere a pig just winced.]

Yet we really do want to be like a Rothschild (there's a maximally successful spelling again...coincidence I tell, mere coincidence).

Because we don't know what we want.



Did you know that "Why?" is the most common question in the universe?


We live in know-it-all times. Why, going into space is so easy, even a car can do it.

Why do we even need the word why any more?

Liars, darn liars...and the 1%

We are lied to on a truly fantastic level these days.

If lying was a pat on the back, we would all be black and blue.

By breakfast.

How do they do it?

I see you've moved from "Why?" to "How?".

That's progress.

Not out of the woods yet, but we're heading the right way.


Do what?

You see, this is the key to the whole scam.

What do the liars do?

I mean, the answer is right above this line, yet we rarely (collectively) get it.



Nothing without everyone

A lie from one Joe Average is quickly seen.

A lie from ten thousand Evelyn Experts is less rarely seen, and thus it wins the day.

We, the 99%, are in a numbers battle with a foe 99 times smaller than us. And we're losing.


That meets my definition of magic.

Doing the seemingly impossible, without breaking a sweat.

I'm sure Sir Joseph would be so proud of what the club spawned.


Money hawks...

And so we end up back at the beginning, only changed a bit. Hopefully.

The Nobel prize for hush** money.

Not necessarily directly.

I'm not saying that each and every physics Nobel winner has been bought off.

Although that is a possibility.

That I'm not implying.

Bigger really is better

When it comes to lies, not even the sky is the limit.

If you want to impress someone with your humbleness, a quiet approach is good.

If you want North Korea to believe you might vaporize them, bring an aircraft carrier.

It would still be a lie, but size matters.


More detail

"The Grifters" is a great movie. Maybe John's or Angela's best.

Anyway, part of the way through we hear the phrase "long con".

It bears pointing out because we rarely hear that phrase. Even in that movie. Yet it was a key part of the plot of that movie.


We might think the reason is that there are relatively few long cons.

And that would be very cuddly cute of us to think that.

Adorable even.

We might also consider that we don't hear the phrase because once heard it is hard to unhear. A counter-seed has been planted and one day we might finally wake up to a bunch of stuff.

Which would be bad for the big boys. Who employ long cons more than all the rest of us combined.



Religion is a long con.

By definition it is the longest of long cons.

And thus the biggest game in town. If you like torture.

Which of course the 1% do.

Ok, so you hate religion, and are "not religious".

I'll believe you.

Not really, but to further a different con I'll say I do.

Either or

We either know stuff, or we believe stuff.

Mutually exclusive things. Like "rational" and "Democrat".

So faith...belief...religion is what we are born into.

In every subject we ever think about.

We start off clueless -- naked as a Jaybird -- and, if we're very lucky, we learn a few things.

Over the hill

Only to find out that no one cares what we have learned.

But that was not always the case, was it?

There was a time when we respected our elders.

Why did we stop? Elders are intelligent until it appears otherwise. Hipsters are morons...well, that's about it.

Pop quiz

How many long cons have we talked about so far on this page?

Let's count them.

(1) religion

Any others?

(2) war -- we took a pot shot at it right off the top

(3) resistance to change -- "the raging torrent of encouragement to not change"

(4) encouragement to change -- you see, we are actually constantly encouraged to change. Provided it involves something useless (i.e. "new" or "cool" or "stupid"). Two things come from this -- we waste our time/money/energy AND we build up a resistance to change. See (3) above.

(5) skepticism -- we are told we are good at being skeptical, or that being skeptical is a virtue, when it is actually critical thinking that is the value. Skepticism is close minded (like most physicists) where a critical thinker is someone like Christopher Hitchens.

(6) ignorance is good -- whether it is our continually deteriorating school system, or that "popcorn flick" we should watch (because every single one of our friends has), or the absurd little viral video ya simply gotta watch.

(7) we are brilliant -- another contradictory one, this is what the 1% have to do to shore up both fences the cows must follow to the slaughterhouse. By the way, truth doesn't need shoring. Freedom does, hence the 4th of July boom booms, and ongoing controversies over anthems.

(8) prizes -- ok, we're in the middle of talking about this one, but it is in fact the elephant con on this web page, er, room.

(9) deciding -- recall "Tell you what, I'll let you decide"? We think we have choice just like we think we change. Changing from one unhealthy -- chips -- to another unhealthy thing -- "no trans fats chips" is not change. It is a cow moving from one clump of grass to the next clump of grass. Does a cow strike you as a creature of change?

(10) that money is everything -- one of the keys to the Nobel con, this long con is so well established, we call it a dream. How we are going to "make it". Our Holy Grail. Nirvana. Nevermind.

(11) that money even is -- fiat currency = not 'money'. It is a vague promise, made from the back of a moving train, by a politician, who is smiling.

(12) that names/spellings don't matter -- that Rockenfelder equals Rockefeller equals Jason. We even have a quote from some famous medieval duded about names and roses.

(13) the Shakes-a-spear con -- see (12) above

(14) that money is bad -- "capitalist swine" must be pushed as hard as money rocks, just like the other con pairs. Things get very complicated when you turn down Liar's Road.

(15) we know what we want -- an extension of the money is everything con, this long con is needed to hide the fact that "we don't know what we want". We can't know what we want because our entire culture is set up on us pursuing the wrong things. If you want people to fail, teach them falsehoods. Long con them from diapers on up.

(16) trivialize everything -- turning us away from old wise people, this has the additional benefit of

(17) make random useless trivial facts into gods -- see "Did you know that 'Why?' is the most common question in the universe?" above. I did exactly zero research on that, but presented it as if I was as confident in it as a dentist is with his fluoridated dental products. On purpose. Because I was pretending I didn't care. To make this contrary point later on.

(18) depersonalizing the nastiest bits -- when someone steals billions from us wage-slaved 99 percenters, we are told it was a "breach", a gap in security, when in fact it was -- quite invariably -- an inside job by the highest level douchebags.

(19) justice is impossible -- when you loudly announce to the world that Harvey Weinstein has been arrested, and charged, few bother to consider why he is actually out on bail right now (May, 2018). Most just blindly hope he will be back in court to face a judge and/or jury and get a punishment and and and...When there are more ways for him to avoid jail than grains of sand on all the beaches of the world. In China, really bad people are shot on sight.

(20) none dare call it -- conspiracy talk is hushed up more effectively than almost any other subject. By calling people bad names. Yes, that is all it takes because they know we are all vain and weak. And names always hurt us.

(21) experts -- four out of five doctors smoke cancer sticks ...because they care about us.

(22) the threat con -- we are especially afraid of saying something bad about someone. In part because it is a head- chopping offense (in some countries). But really because we are told that we should be afraid. Even in America where some opinions are still allowed some of the time. I hope.

(23) the disbelief con -- "it can't be", "they can't be", "do you realize how many would have to be working together?" Yes I do. About 70 million of them. Fun fact, they have half of all wealth, with the other half of "wealth" being in the hands of us little people. Do you feel wealthy? Me neither. I consider what I have to be the bare minimum I need to function. So this a war of tactical nukers vs people barely able to reach for a rock. Sound familiar?***

(24) quicksand foundations -- twelve plus years of world class brainwashing leave us exhausted, I mean convinced, that every subject has been carefully and properly taught to us. What a perfect backdrop to a world built -- 100% -- on lies. This is long con genius, folks. Step right up.

(25) they are good people -- face it, we all think the most powerful people are good...provided they share the same political belief system. Doctors pushing toxic vaccines "mean well". Drug companies are...ok, this one doesn't apply to all long cons.

(26) as long as they take me seriously -- this massive long con is best seen by its Donald Trump. He doesn't take you seriously unless you deserve it. And there are untold millions of us that don't deserve it.



Our feature attraction

Now that I've driven off 99% of those who loaded this page, let's get to the tofu of the subject.

Like pretty much everything else in a theory as good as Spring-And-Loop Theory, the amino acids of Floydium can be stated with just a few words.

When you have all the money, you can make a metric ton more of it by bribing a few people.

Or, in physics-speak, nothing wins Nobel prizes like broken theories.

And did ze tell you the name of the game, purple penguins? They call it riding the gravy train.

The more things change...

The 1% make sure that nothing of importance changes in western life.

Once a long con is started, it must***** be driven to the end.

Since 99 percenters are disposable, the logical fini of our age is eugenics-crafted.

But along the way? Money, money, money!!!******

In conclusion

If you want a simple, consistent, unified theory of physics, you will need to stop lunging for the Nobel teat.


* - This is the 2012 and onward figure, down from the 1,400,000 USD given out in 2009. Better hurry because the trend does not look good for me. c

** - Try this little test. Here is a link to Deep Purple's 'Hush'. Go there (lower the volume first if you do not think you will like this song), listen to the song (reading the lyrics if you wish), then return to this page and scroll to the bottom of it where you will find a question. Make your best guess what the answer is, then click the link provided.

BOTTOM QUESTION: What is the most common word in the song? ANSWR: hush - 16, na - 90 (if this is a word). But even if na is not a word, love appears twice more than hush - 18.

*** - Why is there an emdash, instead of a regular hyphen, in that link? Those are one or more cons for another day.

**** - For a massive conspiracy not talked about here, check out Randall Carlson, on the Joe Rogan Experience (#501) as he obliterates the man-made global warming scam.

***** - The 1% are bat[doodoo] crazy. Incapable of change. Unreasonable regardless of facts (see Hillary's non-consequence for having a private email server containing countless Top Secret documents). They simple never give-in. Never admit their mistakes. Never regret. Never care.

****** - There are a depressing number of songs with the phrase "money, money, money" in them.

Use the Periodic Table symbols for Chapter Headings
and throughout the document...

Physicists today are as arrogant as they are LOST
 - chasing a Nobel is NOT science

- - - - -

>>> _Floydium & _Misc >>>
Member of the Nobel committee for physics explains
topology using a cinnamon bun.

	- 60 seconds of torture

- - - - -

Oct 4, 2017
"The Absurdity of the Nobel Prizes in Science

- - - - -

The chemical elements of the periodic chart

Sorted by:
- Name alphabetically
- Atomic number
- Symbol
- Atomic Mass
- Electronegativity
- Density
- Melting point
- Boiling point
- Vanderwaals radius
- Year of discovery
- Inventor surname
- Elements in earthcrust
- Elements in human body
- Covalent Radius
- Ionization energy

For chemistry students and teachers: The tabular chart on the
right is alphabetically listed.

The first chemical element is Actinium and the last is Zirconium.

Please note that the elements do not show their natural relation
towards each other as in the Periodic system. There you can find
the metals, semi-conductor(s), non-metal(s), inert noble gas(ses),
Halogens, Lanthanoides, Actinoids (rare earth elements) and
transition metals.

Actinium            Ac      89
Aluminum            Al      13
Americium           Am      95
Antimony            Sb      51
Argon               Ar      18
Arsenic             As      33
Astatine            At      85
Barium              Ba      56
Berkelium           Bk      97
Beryllium           Be       4
Bismuth             Bi      83
Bohrium             Bh     107
Boron               B        5
Bromine             Br      35
Cadmium             Cd      48
Calcium             Ca      20
Californium         Cf      98
Carbon              C        6
Cerium              Ce      58
Cesium              Cs      55
Chlorine            Cl      17
Chromium            Cr      24
Cobalt              Co      27
Copernicium         Cn     112
Copper              Cu      29
Curium              Cm      96
Darmstadtium        Ds     110
Dubnium             Db     105
Dysprosium          Dy      66
Einsteinium         Es      99
Erbium              Er      68
Europium            Eu      63
Fermium             Fm     100
Flerovium           Fl     114
Fluorine            F        9
Francium            Fr      87
Gadolinium          Gd      64
Gallium             Ga      31
Germanium           Ge      32
Gold                Au      79
Hafnium             Hf      72
Hassium             Hs     108
Helium              He       2
Holmium             Ho      67
Hydrogen            H        1
Indium              In      49
Iodine              I       53
Iridium             Ir      77
Iron                Fe      26
Krypton             Kr      36
Lanthanum           La      57
Lawrencium          Lr     103
Lead                Pb      82
Lithium             Li       3
Livermorium         Lv     116
Lutetium            Lu      71
Magnesium           Mg      12
Manganese           Mn      25
Meitnerium          Mt     109
Mendelevium         Md     101
Mercury             Hg      80
Molybdenum          Mo      42
Moscovium           Mc     115
Neodymium           Nd      60
Neon                Ne      10
Neptunium           Np      93
Nickel              Ni      28
Nihonium            Nh     113
Niobium             Nb      41
Nitrogen            N        7
Nobelium            No     102
Oganesson           Og     118
Osmium              Os      76
Oxygen              O        8
Palladium           Pd      46
Phosphorus          P       15
Platinum            Pt      78
Plutonium           Pu      94
Polonium            Po      84
Potassium           K       19
Praseodymium        Pr      59
Promethium          Pm      61
Protactinium        Pa      91
Radium              Ra      88
Radon               Rn      86
Rhenium             Re      75
Rhodium             Rh      45
Roentgenium         Rg     111
Rubidium            Rb      37
Ruthenium           Ru      44
Rutherfordium       Rf     104
Samarium            Sm      62
Scandium            Sc      21
Seaborgium          Sg     106
Selenium            Se      34
Silicon             Si      14
Silver              Ag      47
Sodium              Na      11
Strontium           Sr      38
Sulfur              S       16
Tantalum            Ta      73
Technetium          Tc      43
Tellurium           Te      52
Tennessine          Ts     117
Terbium             Tb      65
Thallium            Tl      81
Thorium             Th      90
Thulium             Tm      69
Tin                 Sn      50
Titanium            Ti      22
Tungsten            W       74
Uranium             U       92
Vanadium            V       23
Xenon               Xe      54
Ytterbium           Yb      70
Yttrium             Y       39
Zinc                Zn      30
Zirconium           Zr      40





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