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Spring-And-Loop Theory

1    What is it?

Spring-And-Loop Theory sounds at once familiar, yet new.

Spring-And-Loop Theory builds on the foundation of String Theory, while making a number of significant changes.

In A Dozen Words

Spring-And-Loop Theory, with near Haiku brevity, states that:

Strings have become springs.
Loops are gravitons.

In A Hundred Words

The strings of String Theory have become springs, leading to a new model of their structure and interaction.

Where String Theory thinks of open and closed strings as perhaps like two types of apples, Spring-And-Loop Theory thinks of loops as a very different fruit indeed.

Finally, Spring-And-Loop Theory proposes a more complete model of the goings on at the Planck scale, modeling some of the interaction between springs and loops.

As a new and perhaps more complete model, Spring And Loop Theory lends itself to clearer visualization and deeper understanding of the smallest elements responsible for the largest features of our universe.

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