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Spring-And-Loop Theory

2    Who is the author?

My name is Floyd Maxwell and in the physics world I am a nobody.

I hesitate to talk kindly about myself as it might just make the anticipated volume of criticism even louder so allow me the factual approach.

A Few Facts About The Author

- I have a degree, in Chemical Engineering, from The University of British Columbia that I obtained after an almost nine year odyssey that involved as much pinball and video games as I could afford, and as little study as I could tolerate. The gap in the middle of my studies, mandated by the U of B.C. when I failed a few second year engineering courses was probably good for me, mostly by showing me how much it can suck out in the real world. So, I'm not much of an academic.

- I am 55 years old, in 2012, and have been curious about stuff for as long as I can remember (thanks mom and dad).

- In short, I have no practical experience with physics, research or collaboration...but I like a challenge.

Ever Onward

So let's see if this dearth of qualifications has been enough to pull off an upset...

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