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Spring-And-Loop Theory

5    The Standard Model

Someone05_01 once said that every good movie needs a good bad guy.

Well, the Standard Model is the bad guy in our story.

Ouch, That Hurt

Hitting up Wiki once again, we learn that "The Standard Model is truly a tapestry woven by many hands"05_02. So how could I be so blasphemous about the gold standard for the past forty years?

Well, unlike religion and the history channels it seems, science prefers the truth to the past.

For example, if it turns out that planets orbit the sun, and not the other way around, then you can bet there will be a scientist05_03 willing to commit the ultimate sin, all for the greater good of the big Sc.

So, if the Standard Model is deficient, as everyone agrees that it is, then it may be holding up progress in the field.

Tip Toe Time

Still, I should probably be careful how many enemies I make in this section.

Right. Moving on...

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