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Spring-And-Loop Theory

10    Can Spring-And-Loop Theory be proven?

The more clarity one brings to a problem, the closer one gets to solving it.

It doesn't really matter how "hard" it appears to be to prove something. Relativity was proven by measuring the slight bending of starlight as it passed very close to our sun while the sun was being eclipsed. The deflection measured was equal to seeing a flashlight move one inch at a distance of two miles. And was done almost one hundred years ago.

At some point Spring-And-Loop Theory, or its successor, will allow someone to test something that didn't work with other theories but does work with the new theory. The new theory becomes proven in one instance.

Ingenious people who have trouble sleeping at night then dream up other ways to measure other stuff and one of them confirms some other aspect of the new theory. Score two wins for the new theory.

And so it goes.

It is like sporting records that seem unrepeatable at first but inevitably fall within the next decade or three10_01.

Maybe a more important consideration is when will Spring And Loop Theory be proven to you? I've made my bed and am quite comfortable in it. I encourage you to sleep where you are most comfortable.

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