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Spring-And-Loop Theory

11    The biggest blunder in the universe

I think it is more than a little bit possible that the Big Bang11_01 will prove to be the greatest blunder in the universe.

At a minimum, I think the expansion phase was never cut short. Or that it had two stages instead of just one. First, with credit given to String Theory, three of the dimensions expanded in a big way. After that, however, dark energy (i.e. springs) kept the expansion going at a uniform pace to the present day.

Ostrich Hunting

Another issue I have is with a "big bang" that has no center. This page says there is no "centre" because there is no edge11_02. I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.

Changed my mind. I have a response.

This is how sloppy and complacent we have become. "There is no new world because we can't see past the edge of the Earth." Blinkers firmly attached.

Jousting With Naysayers

To explain the presence of a 2.7 Kelvin Cosmic Microwave Background 11_03 energy, I offer high energy springs pounding against each other. There has to be some heat from those ongoing collision.

2.7 Kelvin could simply be what happens when you leave the spring pot on the cosmic stove for a long time. And the observed uniformity of the CMB is proof of this. A big explosion would never produce anything so uniform, especially after 15 billion years.

Everything has a temperature: even black holes, where the temperature is related to the black hole's mass11_04. So 2.7 Kelvin is the temperature of the Universal Matrix. It doesn't need to be anything else. It is, after all, a background temperature we are talking about.

Coincidence? I Think Not

In the "don't even get me started" category, there is the Cosmic Coincidence Problem (CCP), mentioned in bold letters on this11_05 page, yet lacking a wikipedia page of its own11_06.

The CCP ponders why we are living in a time where vacuum (i.e. dark) energy, and gravitational counter energy, are about equal, "given that" during the early years after the supposed big bang there was a time of extreme inflation.

Spring-And-Loop Theory is not encumbered by this so-called coincidence11_07. There wasn't a big bang, springs bouncing against springs has provided the inflationary impulse all along and so the coincidence of the two forces being "about equal" today is just that.

Humble Pie

Of course, this chapter may well prove to be my biggest blunder, and I'm fine with that.

I just think that the Universal Matrix of springs model lends itself to a re-examination of the expansion phase of the universe.

For now expansion via spring energy obviates the need for a big bang, so I am quite comfortable giving it the heave-ho.

Who knows what else might be different.

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