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Spring-And-Loop Theory

12    A new expansion model

Spring-And-Loop Theory says the universe has been expanding ever since we entered the expansion period theorized to have happened less than 380,00012_01 years after the Big Bang.

And it is quite possible that the universe has always expanded.

If you look at the picture referenced above, ask yourself the question "Does this look like what happens when something explodes?" It doesn't to me. But it does look like what happens when you uniformly extrude (i.e. expand) something.

There Must Be Consequences

Spring And Loop Theory allows us to imagine why the expansion of the universe is accelerating12_02.

If there is a finite amount of mass, and a Universal Matrix of high energy springs that seem to have constant energy, the result will be an accelerating expansion over time.

As we dust off our hands in satisfaction at that statement, we then concede that now we have to explain why spring energy never seems to decrease in intensity. Or does it?

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