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Spring-And-Loop Theory

19    Conclusion

Having "signed off" in Chapter 18, I feel like Ferris saying "Are you're still here?"

For those who need it, here is a summary of Spring-And-Loop Theory.

Relax, It's Just A Model

Spring-And-Loop Theory is a reimagining of some of the more puzzling aspects of physics.

Spring-And-Loop Theory sees "space" as a Universal Matrix of springs. The previously mysterious "dark energy" equated with the "vacuum energy"19_01 and Einstein's "cosmological constant"19_02 is ultra high energy springs.

Spring-And-Loop Theory redefines gravity as the contraction of space, leading to a new model of how gravity shrinks space (and time), and then discussing some of the consequences of this.

Trivial Is Good, I Can Do Trivial

With Spring And Loop Theory it becomes trivial to see that gravitational and in-a-rocket accelerations are equivalent.

Spring-And-Loop Theory sees that e=mc2 is only applicable to matter and that "dark energy" (i.e. springs) is not bound by e=mc2.

Somebody Has To Pay The Piper

Raining on String Theory's "we are all strings" parade, Spring-And-Loop Theory treats open and closed "strings" as the two very different entities they are. The result is a tremendous simplification of Planck-scale oscillations and interactions, and a sidelining of the babel of complexity String Theory has wrought.

Spring-And-Loop Theory goes one step further than "dark energy", calling it "springs in a Universal Matrix". It then makes the bold speculations that the Big Bang didn't necessarily happen as has been thought, that springs have been causing space to expand ever since the expansion phase began and thus the "deceleration"19_03 phase never happened.

Even the origin of the Cosmic Microwave Background came under scrutiny, with Spring And Loop Theory suggesting that 2.7 Kelvin might just be what you get when you simmer a pot of springs for 15 billion years.

Gravity, Unity & Light

Spring-And-Loop Theory calls gravity the "downer" to the Universal Matrix of springs' (aka "dark energy") "upper", showing that the law of duality applies even to the most fundamental forces of life.

Spring-And-Loop Theory saves some of the best for last in Chapter 18 where it unifies the four forces.

And possibly for the first time Spring-And-Loop Theory has allowed us to understand why the speed of light is the law. It's a Universal Matrix of springs highway. You wanna drive here, you gotta obey the maximum speed limit signs.

Casualties & Cats

Lastly, Spring-And-Loop Theory rings the death knell for such time wasting concepts as wormholes and D-Branes, guaranteeing them a prime spot in the space-on-television lineup for many decades to come.

There is probably quite a bit more that the Spring-And-Loop Theory model leads us toward but it's late and the cat needs to be let out for the night.

Pleasant dreams.

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