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Spring-And-Loop Theory

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There are no endings in science.

First Words

A concept that needs to be furthered explored is how neutrinos20_01 travel through the Universal Matrix, and through loops. To get you started I'll mention that they are 500,000 times smaller than an electron. The rest is up to you.

Another concept that can probably be better understood now is how galaxies, and trees, seem to have the same spacing between them (expressed as a fraction of their size). The same laws are clearly at work wherever we look in life. Modeling this will bring far-reaching understanding.

For me I see some thought time being devoted to the East, the West and their twaining.

Finally, I think that springs are more suited than strings to creating sub-atomic particles and accounting for the "constants" of life -- Brian Greene's neck of the woods20_02. The photon "quanta" can be seen pretty easily. Other visualizations can't be too far off. Watches run on springs, maybe life does too.


I have great respect for scientists, writers and people in general. But physicists, consider yourselves jolted.

Nobody likes change, unless they embrace it themselves. Well face it, you'all needed this.

So you're welcome and carry on with all those formulas and such...

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