The analysis of this baby name is by Clayne Conings

These people are quick-minded, clever, critical and impulsive. In these names we have two qualities that are sometimes difficult to reconcile. They crave understanding and require the nurturing element found in friendships. They have the ability to put their best foot forward when necessary, but suffer a short fuse when it comes to tolerating fools because this other element in their dual nature reacts very quickly to injustice, or when they themselves are criticised. On the one hand they are very sociable, yet at times they find people somewhat intolerable. They are very quick to react and sometimes do not consider others' feelings. Because of this impulsive tendency they may suffer moments of regret at their outbursts of temper. If the rest of their make-up provides some balance then they can be exceedingly creative, but if they are thwarted they can become quite depressed and hard on themselves and others.

They can be loyal supporters when they are on your side and fierce opponents when fighting for a cause. If their soft sociable side predominates then their consideration of others is foremost in their minds and it is only when pushed against a wall that they will come out fighting. These people need a challenge, otherwise life becomes dull and boring. It is for this reason that they must guard against being influenced by others and consequently drawn into the wrong crowds. They are impressionable and not above taking a chance just to have an experience. If this dynamic and creative force is directed toward a constructive endeavour they can be extremely creative. At times they could be fearless in their attempts to discover a truth or when pursuing a personal challenge. Fighting for the underdog and supporting a just cause is where they could shine. This restless nature sees them always seeking new ideas and adventures. When anything becomes too routine, far fields look green.

Their life could be a series of misadventures or projects uncompleted. They pick things up very quickly but as soon as they have discovered how something works then boredom sets in and it is off to something new. They can become quite learned about many things but still unsettled in their lives. If their work satisfies the need for variety, challenge and a level of independence, they could find a level of satisfaction. Relationships are not always easy for them because of their impulsiveness, particularly if they have no avenue or outlet for their creativity. One side of their dual nature needs to understand the lesson of merging with others while the other side requires freedom and independence. This is why these people find long term relationships difficult. When they are repressed they can suffer from nervous exhaustion or mental breakdowns. In their physical health they are prone to weak kidneys and stomach upsets.

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