The analysis of this baby name is by Clayne Conings

This is an adventuresome, quiet, deep and intense influence. These people respond quickly to any form of repression or injustice. Theirs is a life of profound creativity or extreme frustration with their outward circumstances. They seek to escape from a life of conformity and mediocrity. This is a restless influence destined to search for excitement or a greater meaning to life without ever satisfying either. On the one hand they desire peace of mind and a life away from the masses, while being driven by an insatiable urge for action, answers and new experiences. Far fields always look greener and more inviting to their restless spirit. There is little potential for stability and success in this quality. They must develop their creative side or suffer the inner turmoil that results from not fitting into society's mold. If there has been sufficient discipline in their lives they could almost accomplish the impossible, otherwise their dynamic urge will be channelled along avenues of travel, excitement and sometimes rather questionable pursuits.

They fear nothing when awakened to a challenge. The drive to succeed is powerful when properly directed, but destructive if their anger is aroused. When their strong sense of justice has been violated they will fight, because they will not be repressed. They are extremely independent souls who refuse to do another's bidding. Their independence and solitary way make it difficult for them in marriage. Bouts of anti-social behaviour and moods of depression are not uncommon. Going off into the woods, hiking or exploring are the ways they can regain their composure and their energy. They can excel in sports or anything that provides a challenge. Their minds are deep and quick, but overly reactive. They may not have a great deal to say, but what they do express is to the point. There is no mincing of words. They can be critical and outspoken at the drop of a hat. They are so sensitive and finely tuned to truth and justice that any form of suppression will cause them to react.

This negative influence is difficult for them to control. They are their own worst enemy when they are depressed and can be very hard on themselves and others when this occurs. Through the bitterness of their personal experiences they are driven to ask the question "Why?". They could travel to the four corners of the earth looking for answers and still never find peace of mind due to their low boredom threshold. Their need for new experiences and new challenges undermines their stability and ability to fully digest their study along any particular avenue of thought. They are susceptible to stomach problems as well as suffering in the heart lung and bronchial area. Moods of depression can be their undoing.

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