We think there are nine key areas
of one's life that should
be worked on each day.


The 9 areas are:

(1)  Being you!  You need to stand for something.  You need to be able to stick
to your guns when no one is there to support you.  And we'll help you!

(2)  No one is an island.  You need to network, to appreciate others
and develop win-win situations.  We'll help you!

(3)  Life should be fun!  You need to laugh every day, and appreciate
each "slice of life".  We'll help you do just that!

(4)  Science is a big part of our lives these days.  From facts to figures,
we'll keep you up to date on the technical side of life!

(5)  "What's new?"  "What's right?"  "Is there a better way?"
 We're sure to provoke new thoughts in this category!

(6)  There is a serious side to each of our lives.  Home, family,
responsible living and community service will all be featured here!

(7)  "Why?"  Isn't that a great question?!  "Why are we here?"
 "What's it all about?"  "Where do I fit in?"  We'll feature some of the
finer and deeper things of life each day in this category!

(8)  Bottom line?  Success!  We'll feature business tips, as well as
other tips to make your life healthier, wealthier and happier!

(9)  What do you do when you've got it all?  Why, give some of it back to
others!  Inspire others!  Coach!  Support!  And on those days when
you can use some extra encouragement yourself, just look here!


We know you are busy and torn in many directions.
We aim to be the balance beam in your life!

Practical, yet refreshing, in just 500 words a day!!!

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